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Tympanogen, Inc. develops innovative ear, nose, and throat devices based on proprietary gel technology. Their lead product, Perf-Fix™, transforms traditional tympanoplasty procedures into a quick office visit. Perf-Fix can be applied in an office setting within 10 minutes, without general anesthesia or margin freshening. This gel patch encourages regeneration of the full tympanic membrane structure at the same high success rates of traditional tympanoplasty.

Tympanogen reached out to Trig to help refresh their brand. Building on the existing identity, Trig was able to create a more refined and elegant identity that matches the aspirations of the founding team. The new brand is expressed through a digital experience that delights with bold imagery and delightful interactions. Trig delivered a brand manual that will serve to guide future creative endeavors.


Listening and responding

Innovation in medical technology can be a daunting task. However, The team at Tympanogen is always ready for a challenge. By relying on smarter technology, Tympanogen is ensuring that medical procedures can be made easier and less taxing for everyone involved.

The previous version of Tympanogent's digital assets and marketing materials did not fully reflect their values or voice, nor were they designed to address modern-day visual trends in a differentiated brand positioning. To reflect the innovation they are providing in their technology and research and to update the brand and its materials, Tympanogen asked Trig to perform a competitive brand analysis, industry trends report, brand architecture exploration, identity design, and to direct the strategy for the brand moving forward.


Erecting the scaffolding

Trig embarked on the brand development journey with Tympanogen by completing a competitive brand analysis, from which we were able to contextualize the industry in which the brand would play. We explored the strategies of the competitors and were able to pinpoint opportunities for optimal brand differentiation. Tympanogen had previously existing assets that they wanted to build upon and refine. In review of these assets, we carefully selected which aspects of the original brand to update, including messaging and visuals, to elevate and lift. To create a unified strategy around Tympanogen's mission of transformation, we selected a competitively differentiated archetype of a Magician, to serve as a guide in building transformative and magical experiences.

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Crafting a Strategy

After establishing an archetype we moved into developing style boards that captured the essence of the magician and also served as a north star for how we would create tone and assets for any digital or print materials produced. After selecting a styleboard, we worked with the Tympanogen team to update their brand mark to reflect the research and work that we put into early stages. With the analysis, styleboard, and brand mark completed we were able to begin work on a new digital presence. By analyzing the existing site we determined what content needed to be updated and ported to the new site we were able to establish a site architecture that was used to build low fidelity mockups that served as an initial roadmap during the design process. After review with Tymapanogen, Trig was able to produce a high fidelity prototype created in Adobe XD that served as a roadmap while developing a scalable, database driven site using Webflow, a visual canvas and software that provided website build and hosting capabilities.  

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Finalizing the Journey

Tympanogen has been able to continue their growth and has begun integrating the strategy and identity we developed into their assets. Trig is always excited to work with thought leaders and disruptors in the healthcare industry and has been energized by the work done with the Tympanogen team.

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