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Find your voice and captivate customers with competitive brand positioning

Branding is more than a look and a feel—it’s an essential part of your business strategy. Branding not only future-proofs your products and services, it future-proofs your business. When your messaging is unclear, vague, or difficult to understand, people leave.

Crafting the perfect brand message

Simply put, your brand is the visual representation of the values and mission of your company that helps potential customers quickly understand and connect with your business on an emotional level—building trust, loyalty, and brand equity.

What is branding?

Crafting the perfect brand message requires discovering your brand’s story and telling it in a way that draws people in and leaves them craving for more. The clearer your voice and the more consistent your message, the more of the right kinds of customers you will attract.

Why is branding important?

When done properly, potential customers will know exactly what type of experience to expect from you and what products and services you provide that could be of help to them.

How does branding build trust?

More than just the What of your products or services, you are inviting potential customers to an experience that you have curated especially for them, while simultaneously helping them find a solution to their unique problems.

What we do
Every service we provide...

We partner with companies across all industries to create brands that are not only modern, attractive, and future-proof, but ones that also speak directly to the core desires of customers.

Driven by Insights

We make sure that part of the foundation of every brand is driven by consumer insights. We do our due diligence to ensure that every brand we create speaks to, and resonates with, your target audiences.

Fulfills a Market Need

We discover vital gaps in the competitive brand landscape that your new brand can fill. We don’t believe in designing within a vacuum or within static environments—we believe that every brand is a living entity that evolves and grows over time and so it only makes sense to start off trailblazing.

Expresses Your Values

Your core values must shine through your brand to truly build trust amongst your customers. Our brand development process ensures that your company ethos is captured visually and tonally across all brand assets created.

Is Authentic and Consistent

Authenticity along with consistency are the two most important factors in building brand equity and in cultivating customer loyalty. Managing your brand will be as easy as being true to your own ideals of running your business.

Is Empathetic

Your brand is other people’s perception of how you do business and why you do business. Building a brand that is empathetic to your potential customer is how you show them that your business is worthy of their business.

Is Delightful

A brand that doesn’t delight hasn’t done its job. Every brand we develop seeks to bring that little spark of joy into someone’s life with every touch point they have with your brand.

How we do it
Our process includes...

We’ll work together to ensure that your brand’s story and messaging are not only clear and concise, but also effective and authentic.

Competitive Brand Analysis

We help you discover your competitors’ branding and marketing strategies to contextualize your next move and to ensure that every move has a competitive advantage.

Brand Identity Through Archetypes

Universally understood and quick to establish emotional connectivity, archetypes function as the perfect foundational building block to brand identity. We help you discover yours.

Industry Trends Analysis

Together, we will discover industry-specific trends to ensure that the brand we craft elevates the current conversation of expected expressive visuals for the industry.

Market Gap Identification

In dissecting the branding strategies of competitor brands, we will discover weaknesses in their marketing and values expression. We work to fill these vital gaps with your brand.

Competitive Brand Positioning

We assess exactly how competitor brands are positioned within the industry. We suggest brand positions for your brand that have a competitive edge relative to the landscape.

Core Values Development

In order to help you find your brand voice, we will talk through exactly what makes your company special, why it exists, how it contributes to a better future, and what it does to do so.

Styleboards development

After core values have been established, we will work together to translate those values into compelling visuals that help customers quickly understand the ethos of your brand.

Brand Assets Development

We build the assets your brand needs to express its personality to attract the right customers, get your voice out there, build your brand equity, and grow customer loyalty.

Logo Design and Development

A good logo design captures the essence of a brand’s personality, archetype, positioning, and differentiators using color, shape, imagery, and the wordmark. Once the logo has been defined, consistent application of the logo needs to be enforced across all brand assets.

App and Website Layout Wireframes

The best practice for efficiently building applications and websites is to first prototype the experience using wireframes. Wireframes describe the website architecture and clarify key features before building out the full front-end and back-end digital assets.

Website Design and Development

Most website assets can be efficiently deployed using Content Management Systems (CMS). The Trig team has extensive expertise developing complete front-end websites on Squarespace and Webflow. For full stack, custom websites, we work with developer partners to deploy complete solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a brand development project typically take to complete?

The timeline for brand development varies from project to project. In our experience, it typically takes around 1-6 months+ for a brand development project to be completed depending on its scope, complexity, and the client’s availability. We have found that these 3 factors most heavily influence the timeline of a brand development project:

Timely client feedback & availability
At the beginning of every project, we will put together a timeline of deliverables that depend on prompt review and feedback from the client. If the client is unavailable for timely review, the project may be delayed, resulting in increased project time.

Complex brand architecture
If there needs to be more than one brand or sub-brand to be developed and it’s alongside a complex brand architecture structure with varying goals, visuals, and tone, this will necessarily increase project time.

Complex custom integrations
Usually occurring during the brand assets development stage within the website build phase, if there are complex custom integrations that need to be linked up, this may add onto project time.

How much does a brand development project typically cost?

The price for a brand development project varies depending on scope and complexity. We have worked on branding projects that have ranged from $6,000 - $55,000+. While the cost varies from project to project, we have found that these 3 factors most influence the price of a brand development project:

Number of brands to be created
Great care needs to be taken to ensure that each brand and sub-brand created is authentic, delightful, consistent, and captures the essence of your core values set up for the overall brand.

Number of brand assets to be created
Multiple websites or microsites, tradeshow booths or marketing collateral, stationery sets and powerpoint slide designs, guidebooks and signage—the more branded assets that need to be created, the more the costs.

Complexity of branded web assets
Complex animations and website interactions, extensive custom coding of web assets, and complex user flows will usually result in higher costs.
If I were to describe Trig, it would be friendly, professional, efficient, creative, and invested. I found the competitive brand analysis to be the most impressive aspect of the brand development process and had never seen anything like it before. It started with a conversation and not just throwing out cool ideas. They really got to know me and did their due diligence to get to the solution. Trig is passionate about what they do. They make clients feel comfortable and feel qualified to be a part of the design process. There’s nothing Trig could have done differently—I’ve been so pleased.
Inez Ribustello

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