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Trig is a full-service design firm that supports our clients through understanding their customer needs, designing successful products, and developing lasting brands.

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Human-Centered Design

Our industrial design process customizes to your unique needs. Our talented team can support all phases of the product development process and work seamlessly across phases of any project. Trig has expertise in human factors, customer research, and design. We build solutions that resonate with people.

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Insights & Ideation

Craft your design strategy with novel insights and thoughtful virtual ideation to arrive at meaningful solutions. A strong foundation with a well-researched proprietary understanding of the customer will help you to establish expertise.

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Design & Development

Successful new designs make an impact on your customer that goes past the first impression. We help our clients to create solutions that are human-centered, practical and eye-catching. We work closely with our clients through the many design choices that lead to exciting outcomes.

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Brand Asset Management

Crafting the perfect brand message requires discovering your brand’s story and telling it in a way that draws people in and leaves them craving for more. The clearer your voice and the more consistent your message, the more you will attract loyal customers who identify with your brand.

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Trig specializes in all aspects of the design process, from insights and ideation, to design and development, and brand asset management.

Selected works

Our Guidebook to Design History File Ready Ideation

The inspiration for creating DHF Ready Ideation was to develop a toolset intended to support the creative work done prior to implementing design controls, while at the same time, capturing it, thus streamlining this transition. The results have not just met, but surpassed that original intention. DHF Ready Ideation provides a platform to increase business success, user satisfaction, and minimize potential harms by encouraging innovators and designers to consider a holistic view of medical device product development and encourage an evolutionary iterative process along the entire journey.

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