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Shoelaces Express was losing their market share to competitors with superior buying experiences and stronger branding. Shoelaces Express approached Trig to completely revamp their brand identity and create an e-commerce site with an improved buying experience that could accommodate over 12,000 product skus.



Shoelaces Express is a family-run organization that sells laces of all kinds and donates portions of their profits to charity. Over a decade ago, our client had cornered the market on wholesale shoelaces despite a dated website and a comparatively poor buying experience. They enjoyed record sales year over year until the early to mid 2010s when competitors started to emerge with more options, stronger branding, and improved buying experiences. They realized they needed a shift to get back into the game.

Dismayed by falling sales and concerned about competitors taking more of their market share, Shoelaces Express approached Trig to completely redefine their existing shopping experience. The branding and entire shopping experience for all 12,000 of their products had to change.



We first performed a competitive brand analysis to understand the current competitive environment. What were the visual and functional trends of the current shoelaces industry, and what gaps could we fill to give our new brand a competitive advantage?

After reverse-engineering the competitors’ brand strategies and categorizing them into likely archetypes, we set off to discover our client’s own aspirational archetype. Through thoughtful dialogue about the future and an authentic discussion of who they were as a company, we discovered a high standard of dedication to customer service and a love for helping those less fortunate through the donation of a portion of their profits to charities and volunteer work. It was only fitting that our clients chose the archetypal framework of an Innocent.

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After we developed a new brand identity with the client, we set off to systematically organize all 12,000 product SKUs in order to prepare them for import into their new e-commerce platform. Ensuring that they were with us every step of the way, we were in constant contact with the client all throughout this process and provided training to their team in how to manage and maintain their new e-commerce website. The client had an aggressive e-commerce launch date to capitalize on the going-back-to-school sales season. We worked hard to make this deadline and launched on time to our client’s delight.

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Final thoughts

The new Shoelaces Express became less about the What and more about the Why. When both factors are aligned, customers not only feel good about where their money is going, but they also get the highest quality laces available on the market. After a few months of launch, we could see that the new website outperformed the old, resulting in fewer bounce rates, longer session times, and higher profits.

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