Design History File Ready Ideation

Design History File Ready Ideation: A Guidebook for Medical Innovators

Design controls are essential to medical device product development. Can they be too much too soon? Do they hinder iteration and creativity? We built this free guidebook and tools to fill a critical gap for medical innovators. For a preview, here are a few of the topics addressed:

  • Medical device due diligence
  • A re-imagined and iterative design process
  • Prototyping and human factors engineering
  • A visual approach to risk management

Design history file (DHF) Ready Ideation is a toolset that encourages creative, evolutionary, and holistic design while at the same time building the foundation for formal design controls.  

DHF-Ready Ideation reduces the cost of retrospectively assembling a design history, makes the process of designing a medical device enjoyable, and reveals relationships across multiple business and technical perspectives that are typically difficult to realize.

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