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November 6, 2017
Thoughts by
Tyler Hagler

Bend, break, and hack

Jason Guigno and Corey Jeffreys of TriangleCast have got podcasting figured out. We met at the Frontier in RTP, and bounced into a random conference room. Within minutes, they had an impressive array of microphones and a mobile mixing board set up, all while easily chatting with me and setting a relaxed tone to the conversation. They offer consulting services in podcasting for companies thinking about expanding into a dynamic and growing communications channel.

TriangleCast’s content tilt is to explore how entrepreneurs “Bend, Break, and Hack” the rules to get businesses started. Jason and Corey were very engaging, making it a lot of fun for me to share my experiences as an entrepreneur.


Introductions (0:38)

What kind of company is Trig? (1:05)

What if a client doesn't yet have a prototype? (2:10)

Innovation, Design, and Marketing don't always fit well together (3:20)

How did Trig get started? (5:00)

What is Trig's secret sauce? (7:10)

"My goal is to be the dumbest person in the company." (8:50)

How important was the MBA to making Trig successful? (9:20)

"The ultimate MBA answer for anything is, 'It depends'" (11:10)

Does a PhD in Innovation make sense?(12:45)

Entrepreneurs have a certain type of insanity.  Was starting Trig my first time for entrepreneurship? (14:10)

So, you already have a methodology around innovation? (15:40)

What has been the most utilized service among Innovation, Design, and Marketing? (17:50)

Shout out to Device Solutions and Porticos (19:30)

What was the first skill set that you hired after yourself? (21:45)

"Don't run your own payroll as an entrepreneur" (23:45)

"Spend time in each role in your company before you delegate it." (24:30)

"Was it a difficult transition from doing the stuff to delegating and trusting?" (26:00)

'I've never been in a company where we spend as much time working ON the business as IN the business." (28:45)

How to make on-boarding more personal as you scale. (30:10)

Systematic employee engagement to share working ON the company. (30:45)

"Delegate and elevate.  Have to provide leadership opportunities, because as you grow, more leadership is needed." (33:00)

"A virtual company has to be very intentional about culture." (33:10)

Cultural debt (33:50)

"Mission first, People Always" (34:25)


ALTR ERGO Case Study

Blue Ocean Strategy

Antifragile: Things that Gain From Disorder


Drive by Daniel Pink

Traction by Gino Wickman

Tyler Hagler

As a career industrial designer and innovation practitioner, Ty Hagler has managed hundreds of new product development programs through the process of opportunity identification guided to commercialization.


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