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July 13, 2017
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The host, Paul Spiegelman, is an exemplary leader, speaker, and coach of values-driven businesses. 

As Co-Founder and CEO of the Small Giants Community, he guides a growing community of entrepreneurs who want to learn and grow together.  Paul's insightful wisdom and interest in driving at the core of what makes us leaders made the entire experience of joining his podcast such a pleasure for me.  We covered topics of reinventing yourself, sticking with it in down times, empathy, being a sponge, and getting out of it what you put in.  It was an honor to be a guest on his show.

Show Notes

  • Introductions and overview of Trig [1:08]
  • What is industrial design? [2:05]
  • Did you study industrial design in school? [4:15]
  • What is your background as a leader? [5:40]
  • What is flatwater kayaking? [8:25]
  • What tools and technologies did you use to measure performance in kayaking? [11:08]
  • What leadership lessons did you learn in the kayak? [15:00]
  • Were there any other childhood memories that had an impact on you as a leader? [21:51]
  • Can you think of a significant emotional event that has shaped you and your leadership approach? [25:30]
  • Can you think of a humbling experience you've had in the workplace? [29:35]
  • What was a tough decision you had to make in the workplace? [33:49]
  • The hardest decisions in the workplace relate to people [35:06]
  • What would you consider to be the most important quality of a leader? [36:30]
  • If someone wanted to go down a similar path to Ty, what advice would you offer them? [38:45]
  • Be grateful for every opportunity and respond to it with your best effort. [40:11]
  • Reinvention, sticking with it in down times, empathy, being a sponge, getting out of it what you put in. Be open to other people and be empathetic to make sure they get what they need. [41:30]
  • Name a famous leader you look up to [42:30]
  • What book influenced your leadership style? [42:34]
  • What is your favorite movie? [43:20]
  • You're stranded on an island, what do you take with you? [43:40]
  • What is something about you that people might not know? [44:15]

Selected Links from the Episode

Wing Kayak Paddle

Greg Barton

Carbon Kevlar Weave Kayak Hull

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Leadership Lessons from a Life in Coaching by Dean Smith

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