Ethan Creasman Promoted to Design and Development Manager

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May 29, 2018
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Industrial designer Ethan Creasman has accepted a promotion to Design and Development Manager

As our firm continues growing and bringing on new talent, it is important to ensure that solid leadership be in place to support team members and help hold the line on excellent work. Ethan is not only an incredible designer, but he has been at the helm of many projects Trig has taken on, demonstrating excellent project management along the way.

Ethan Creasman, Design and Development Manager

When we look for leaders, more is needed than skill and talent alone. (Though don't get us wrong, those definitely help!) To keep the organization moving gracefully takes adaptability and an ability to impose structure in highly ambiguous problem areas. If you read our article on the Inverted Pyramid recently, you'll know that Trig values people in positions of authority who set aside their ego for the good of the whole team. Ethan knows that it matters not just to keep in touch with everyone, but to really listen and understand what his coworkers are feeling. He makes himself available when others need him and offers genuine critique without making anyone feel less for it.

Here at Trig we are so proud of our leadership team. Congratulations again, Ethan! We all look forward to seeing where these next steps take you.

To read more about Ethan Creasman and his work, have a look at his Trig employee profile.

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