Ethan Creasman

Design & Development Manager

Ethan Creasman began a lifelong passion for innovation and design by spending time with his Dad and Pawpaw building furniture, Rube Goldberg machines, anything and everything they could dream up together. Natural curiosity about the way things work and how he could improve them caused Ethan to realize: When he grew up he was going to be an inventor!

Fast forward to many years later and Ethan found himself pursuing a career in architecture. A particularly meaningful internship with a local architect taught him the importance of process, how to communicate ideas effectively, and how to be creative around constraints. He studied how to take a vision and walk alongside the client, guiding them through their challenges.

While the architecture adventure was rewarding, he wanted to take the lessons from creating spaces and apply them to industrial design. Ethan decided to branch out and explore the wide variety of skills he could either acquire or build upon in this new environment. Creating positive user experiences right down to the most minor details rekindled his inspiration to create. Have you ever thought about the sound your car door makes when it closes? Probably not, but Ethan does.

Today Ethan takes on a diverse variety of projects with Trig, pioneering new technologies to create real world solutions for all the user needs he encounters. “There is something to be learned from every new client.”