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June 11, 2018
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Connie Tran

At Trig, we define BAM as market demand management.

We believe that branding is a crucial part of your business strategy that empowers your products and services and authentically connects you with your customers. We help you find your voice and then use it to positively impact your bottom line.

Great brands take time to build, manage, and flourish. The best companies in the world understand that their brand needs to be at the core of every decision they make. It starts with building an internal culture that seamlessly translates to an external one with a competitive advantage: when your business leaders and employees resonate with your core values and message, it's easy for customers to trust in what you stand for. The result? It keeps them coming back for more.

As the marketplaces for every industry become more crowded with competitors, the sure-fire way to stand out is to speak beyond your services and products. What you do should be closely tied to why you do it. We don't believe in run-of-the-mill marketing and you shouldn't either. Your image and voice is important, and they're your key to differentiation. Trig has devised the term Brand Asset Management to describe the expanded suite of services we offer to set your business ahead in the race for real lasting success and prevent you from having to ever run a pricing race to the bottom.  

Finding your voice to impact your bottom line

If you're lost in the woods and have no idea where to even begin, we can help you build a solid variety of foundational ideas that speak to your core values. With our custom archetypal brand identity framework, we help you quickly curate an authentic, emotional connection with your prospective customers. We do the research, scope out your competitors, identify gaps in the marketplace and opportunities for differentiation, and offer insights-driven branding strategies that fit your values.

We're not just nerds about crafting brand identities, but we're also nerds about brand expression. We craft every point of interaction between customer and brand to ensure an experience that keeps and expands on all brand promises. From logo design, brand guide creation, web design and development, to search engine optimization, print and virtual ads, email outreach, and social media, we are experts in giving your brand a clear voice and making sure it is heard by everyone who'd benefit from your service offerings. Heck, we even get excited about creating custom marketing automation builds, especially when they can help our clients save 20+ hours of work per week, while upping brand equity.

Already have a range of concepts and need them translated into a complete polished set of campaigns? We can meet you at any point along the way. The Trig BAM team is always excited to create innovative strategies designed to open dialogue between you and your future clients.

We don't just acquire a project, dispense results, and ghost on you. Trig is dedicated to ensuring you are all set with any tools you need to keep up your best work. We share everything we do so that you're always empowered to hone in your own messaging. If you need regular brand asset monitoring and upkeep, then breathe easy because we know exactly how to lend a hand.

Every new project is unique and deserves the attention required to guarantee excellency. We aren't keeping our vision narrowed to the short-term alone. You are building your company's legacy and every success now needs to be a building block for the next victory on the horizon, and the one after that. Future-thinking is as crucial as creativity. Planning many steps ahead comes naturally to our team, and that's one of the many ways in which we are an unstoppable force in keeping your brand on the cutting-edge of consumer interest. Learn more about our services in brand asset management here

PayBack brand refresh.
PayBack brand refresh.

   Miller Pediatric Dentistry Brand Refresh

Connie Tran
Brand Development & Design Manager

Driven by inspiration, Connie is obsessed with any opportunity to master new creative skills. Connie is passionate about stories and discovering the complex layers of every person and of every business. She is passionate about leveraging authentic inner selves to tell new stories in a delightful and surprising way. She believes that the art of great story-telling is at the heart of every powerful brand. At Trig, this is shown in the way Connie helps clients discover their voice, find clarity in their messaging, and speak with a contagious passion about what they do and why they do it.


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