Marketing Balance: Long-term Payoffs versus Short-term Needs

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February 20, 2014
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Marketing balance

When you lead a middle-market company’s marketing efforts, you know that there are lists of must-dos in the areas that provide for your company’s short-term needs for revenue, as well as long-term needs for brand-building.  Your never-ending task is to balance these respective needs within a finite set of resources, both internal and external, maximizing cash outlay with the smartest leveraging of human capital and technology.

Marketers must balance their marketing mix in the same way product managers must balance their portfolio based on marketplace needs. Let’s contrast some of the solutions that drive long-term equity versus short-term revenue growth.

Long term brand building icons

First, check out this exemplary list of activities/elements of marketing that drive the long-term success of companies:

  •         Corporate Communications
  •         Website Design and Development
  •         Branding (logos, avatars, taglines, brochure/presentation templates)

What we see in this list are some classic elements of the marketing mix, as well as some activities around the foundational elements of a company’s identity, like logo creation, customer insights, and websites.

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Next, take a look at some of the tactics within a strategy to drive short-term returns on marketing efforts:

  •         Hyper-targeted Digital Advertising
  •         Automated Lead Capture/Nurture
  •         Responsive Revenue Performance Management

What we see in this list is marketing in the service of sales, using marketing software and activities to create virtual sales channels to complement human channels like salespeople, dealers, and retail stores.

We’ve built our team and tools at Trig to avail our work to the middle-market companies that need to achieve more in their marketing, in both the short term and the long term.  Keep your capabilities high and your headcount low, with a cost-effective plan that brings the skills of developers, designers, writers, animators, strategists, and implementation specialists to your team.  Get the tools you need—we work with leading marketing automation software like Act-On and Marketo, and we can fully integrate this software with leading CRM tools like salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics.

Timing is everything. Are you ready to make the leap into marketing that stewards your brand properly for the long term, without sacrificing any of your short-term revenue potential?  Are you ready to make targeted, resource-optimized decisions with your marketing budget? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, Trig is here to help.

We’ll help you put together a strategy and implement it. We’ll put the systems in place, develop the content and creative, and away we’ll go together. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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