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May 12, 2018
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Trig dot com full-service industrial design firm

Trig.com acquired

Trig has acquired Trig.com to put a stamp on its mission to design the iconic product experiences of our generation.  As part of the 100-year vision to build one of the great industrial design firms, the company has been investing in culture, process, leadership, and brand assets to deliver consistent value to clients.

Effective May 15th, the new domain will go into effect for the website and all team member email addresses. The legacy domains of triginnovation.com and trig-in.com will still be accessible, but will gradually phase out of use.

Since Ty Hagler founded Trig in 2008, he dreamed of building a talented team that could take on top Industrial Design firms like IDEO or Frog Design. In 10 short years, the Trig team has grown through hiring and developing a world class team that follows a pragmatic approach to design of Explore-Prototype-Build that has consistently added value for clients.

"As a virtual company experiencing significant growth over the past few years, it is a logical next move to acquire digital properties that build our iconic brand." said Ty Hagler. "The brand has aged well since originally used in 2011.  I love the juxtaposition of having a mathematical name for a team of highly creative, top performing industrial designers.  It speaks to the need for a whole-brain approach to innovation, both analytical and creative, left and right brain.”

”I had been following the ownership of the Trig.com domain for years,” continued Hagler.  “For a while it was a social media startup and was looking like it might soon be picked up by a bitcoin startup.  We were able to get in touch with the domain owner and negotiate a purchase.”

”It’s a similar process to buying a house, with a four-letter dot com domain, except everything is shrouded in mystery. We had a credible third party verify the domain valuation we had arrived at. There was a lot of discussion within the Trig team as the deal progressed. Finally, we came to an agreement via a simple one-line email to the broker.  That moment happened as several of us were driving together into the 2018 IDSA Southeastern Conference - setting the tone for a hopeful future as we then worked with industrial design students to offer feedback and guidance for their own aspirations.”

This is but a step along the way as we are achieving our dreams. Come find out how we can help you achieve your dreams in creating iconic product experiences.

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Now in its tenth year, Trig is a full-service industrial design firm focused on excellence in insights and ideation, design and development, and brand asset management services for entrepreneurs and product development teams around the world. Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Trig offers services ranging from design-for-manufacturing to virtual ideation and marketing automation.

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