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OTOjOY was founded on the principle that everyone should have access to transformative listening experiences. As a premier installer of magnetic induction hearing loops, OTOjOY guarantees astonishing listening experiences for everyone who uses their system, whether they’re at a music festival, in a place of worship, or at a conference.

Understanding that OTOjOY is on a mission to not only improve accessibility for those hard of hearing one hearing loop at a time, but to also enhance the listening experience for all in general, Trig worked with OTOjOY to refresh their brand identity, strategically differentiate their positioning in the market, and to update their brand by echoing their values in its visual expression.


Enabling Accessible Communities for All

People who are hard of hearing are often left out of conversation. They struggle to feel included in everyday activities and have difficulty communicating, leaving them to feel isolated and stigmatized in their own communities. OTOjOY seeks to address this problem by not only providing exceptional listening experiences to those who are hard of hearing in virtually all spaces, but to do so in a way that is also easily accessible, while also enhancing the listening experiences of everyone else using the system.

The previous version of OTOjOY’s digital assets and marketing materials did not reflect their values or voice, nor were they designed to address modern-day visual trends in a differentiated brand positioning. In order to update the brand and its materials, Trig recommended that OTOjOY perform a competitive brand analysis, industry trends report, brand architecture exploration. Trig would then direct the strategy for the brand moving forward.


Carving Out a Space all Your Own

By starting the brand identity development process with our time-tested competitive brand analysis, we were able to contextualize the industry in which the brand would play. To do this, we explored and reverse-engineered the identities and strategies of the competitors and were able to discover where on the map OTOjOY should live for optimal brand differentiation. While OTOjOY had previous existing assets, in the review of these assets, we felt it was important to update both the messaging and visuals in order to bring them all into the new eventual refreshed brand and voice. To tie together OTOjOY’s mission of not just making hearing accessible to everyone, but to also enhance the hearing of those whose hearing aren’t impaired, we selected a competitively differentiated archetype of a Magician, an archetype that excels in the offering of truly transformative and magical experiences, with a dash of the Sage, the trusted advisor.

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Finalizing a Voice

After the selection of the archetype and the finalization of a general brand voice, we moved on to create options for style boards that would visually capture the essence of the new brand. This style board served as our veritable mini brand guide, used to direct the look and feel of all subsequent print and digital assets.

In parallel with the style board process, we also worked with the OTOjOY team to refine and update the look of the logo, modernizing the look and feel and capturing its new voice elements while still paying tribute to the original design.

Upon the completion of the competitive brand analysis, styleboard, and new logo design, we began to look at the internal brand structure of OTOjOY in its entirety. After exploring different manifestations of the brand architecture and its potential expressions between the parent brand and child brand relationships, a Branded House strategy was selected to minimize management complexity and to cultivate brand equity across any customer touchpoint with parent or child brands.

After the brand strategy and structure were set, we moved on to develop the first large asset using the new branding: the website. By analyzing the content and stylistic trends of existing competitor websites, we were able to construct a unique website architecture and sitemap plan that would take advantage of industry gaps. The new OTOjOY website would not only serve as a landing page for the sale of their induction hearing loop systems, but would also offer additional resources and educational materials around hearing loop systems and their installation, complete with photos and videos of the entire process.

Through multiple collaborative iterations between the Trig team and OTOjOY team over the website prototype through Adobe XD, we arrived at a final visual and content plan that encapsulated the brand strategy as a whole, spoke with passion and empathy about the industry and their solution, and acted as a resource hub for all prospective customers and those simply looking for more information about hearing loops. This education and passion coupled with testimonials that exemplified the transformative listening experiences provided by OTOjOY’s hearing loops served to position the brand as a premium trusted partner in the industry, tying everything back to the primary Magician and secondary Sage archetypes, continuously reinforcing the new brand identity.

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A New Beginning

OTOjOY was already a trusted and well-respected member of the hearing community. With their new branding, they are sure to position their magnetic induction hearing loop systems for more success across all spectrums of hearing loss, including those who are not hard of hearing at all. By refining their voice, values, promises, and goals, they now reach an even larger audience than before, with a more cohesive and compelling presence across all communities in which they participate. Trig is happy to have worked with OTOjOY to fulfill their mission of enabling everyone everywhere to gain access to truly magical listening experiences.

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