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Infusion Device Changes The Game For Rapid Recovery

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The collaboration of 410 Medical's healthcare expertise and Trig's pragmatic design approach culminated in the IDEA recognized LifeFlow Rapid Infuser. The LifeFlow provides rapid, intuitive, and controlled fluid delivery unlike any device in the industry, through its simple and precise one handed operation.


Designing simplicity

The innovative design simplifies a three-handed fluid administration procedure, typically executed by two people, to a single-handed exercise, which can be performed by one healthcare professional. With the ability to deliver 500ml of fluid in less than 2.5 minutes, recovery is greatly enhanced during medical emergencies such as sepsis, anaphylaxis, dehydration, cardiac arrest, and others. The LifeFlow is quick and easy to use in any situation.


Rapid infusion redefined through design and engineering

When Dr. Mark Piehl of 410 Medical approached Trig with this idea, we knew it was a "game-changer."

While working with the 410 Medical design team, we took a ground up approach in designing the LifeFlow. The internal function of the device required precision while the external aesthetics needed to communicate urgency and ease of use.

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Simple and effective

Concept development began with sketching and mock-ups to determine the ergonomics, design language, and size of the product. We continued with CAD and full scale prototype fabrication to test internal function and performance.

A cam-follower mechanism was implemented to achieve fast and accurate 10ml of fluid with each pull. The caregiver can count the pulls and know exactly how much fluid has been administered. The process resulted in a simple design that is easily recognizable and understood.

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We involved Trig very early in the process and they were a key development partner for LifeFlow. They were easy to communicate with, met their schedule and cost deliverables, and allowed us to quickly deliver a LifeFlow device which has been well received by clinicians. People frequently use the word “approachable” to describe LifeFlow, and Trig’s work really enabled that aesthetic.
Galen Robertson

The LifeFlow Rapid Infuser is an IDEA recognized design. We are thankful and humbled to have worked on such an impactful project that has gone on to save many a lives. To learn more about 410 Medical and what their team has been up to, visit their website at 410medical.com

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