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Design Thinking for UNC Health Providers:

Who this is for:
We are seeking passionate healthcare providers who want to make an impact. We strongly encourage applications from all provider types including physicians, advanced practice providers (PA-C, NP, etc), nurses, medical students, residents, and others. 

What you will learn:
Building upon the Lateral Thinking webinar, this multi-day virtual workshop provides healthcare providers with the creative mindset, tools, and techniques to manage risk and uncertainty through Design Thinking. Intended to hone and perfect a set of skills that will allow participants to become better at finding novel solutions based on the unmet needs of your patients and community stakeholders. Attendees should be prepared to attend all workshop activities and presentations. This will be a collaborative, team-based endeavor that will culminate in a Pitch Concept presentation at the end of the workshop.

Innovation teams of 2-5 people will be able to advance their projects through an active learning process. Week 1 will include a common project that all teams can participate in and share non-confidential ideas. The following weeks will be focused on team-specific projects that are protected under non-disclosure agreements. All intellectual property generated during the workshop will be assigned to the innovation teams. The program will include four 90-min practical training sessions, coaching, and custom concept illustrations from the design team at Trig. At the end of the workshop, teams will present their confidential Build plan to their advisor(s) for the next phase of reducing risk in their project.

Trig is providing the Design Thinking for Healthcare Providers workshop series for UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC Health. FastTraCS, part of NC TraCS, will be sponsoring teams following application review, valued at $3,000. There is no cost to participants.

Workshop Content

Workshop Dates

Sept 24 2021     Lateral Thinking for Health Providers
Sept 24 2021     Begin accepting invitations
Dec  3 2021       Applications close
Dec 10 2021      Participants notified of awarded spots
Dec 17 2021      Participants confirm acceptance of spots

Jan 19 2022   10:30-12pm, advisory sessions in the afternoon 
Jan 26 2022   10:30-12pm, advisory sessions in the afternoon 
Feb 2 2022   10:30-12pm, advisory sessions in the afternoon 
Feb 9 2022   10:30-12pm, advisory sessions in the afternoon 
Feb 15 2022   10:30-12pm, advisory sessions in the afternoon 

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What financial value might be assigned to successfully solving the problem for customers?
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