Stephen Lindamood

Senior Visual Designer

Creating a good design is much like making a good martini. In order to be successful you have to possess the correct ingredients. Ingredients that are then portioned, combined and blended in a fashion that produces a refreshing product. One must also be able to multi-task in busy, and often stressful situations, and do so with a smile and a team-player mentality. Stephen Lindamood draws on experiences in the hospitality industry to inform his design process. Upon graduating from the Industrial Design program at Virginia Tech and not finding immediate creative employment he picked up a gig bartending. What began as an interim job turned into an extended run which, although had its perks and allowed for brilliant learning experiences, left him feeling unfulfilled. In response, he returned to his alma mater and utilized the skills he developed in the service industry, combined with the knowledge gained during his undergraduate studies, to pursue a graduate degree in the Industrial Design program.

Since the completion of his master’s degree Stephen has worked with Modea, a digital advertising agency, and Ozmo, a virtual device support company. These placements enabled him to develop not only specific industry experience, but also a valuable and transferable skill set in these fast-paced sectors. During his time with Modea, he worked with the creative team contributing to project pitches and design by illustrating storyboards for advertising campaigns for companies like Vitrue and Riunite. After transitioning to Ozmo’s Content Development department, he continued to hone his skills by creating digital products for national and international telecom companies such as Verizon and Telus.