Ashley Whitley

Director of Operations

Creative projects don’t come with instructions. Gathering the right threads takes experience. Turning them into something memorable takes perseverance. Fortunately Ashley Whitley has been handcrafting next-level creative work for years—helping former clients like Titleist, FootJoy, and HanesBrands find their voices in the market. She has gained career notoriety when helping a Danish outdoor furniture company rise to the top of’s category sales rankings, and took a hands-on leadership role when former employer, Cadmus Communications, set up offices in Hong Kong and Bangkok. At Capstrat Communications Ashley applied this experience to manage creative work for clients like Siemens, Quintiles, BASF and Grifols. Later she went on to manage relationships with big box retailer e-commerce sites for a Czech brand seeking to enter the US market.

At Trig, project management is about this lovely dynamic of embracing the chaos the design process generates and working to apply organization without stifling all the creative forces in play.

Some have called it “keeping the crazy back” but Ashley is rather fond of her role amidst the creative chaos, and is quoted as saying "At Trig I have a wonderful space to hone my skills supporting the creative effort of a talented group of professionals, producing exciting work for a diverse mix of clients."