Trig Sponsors Hangar6 Advanced Rapid Prototyping Center

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October 12, 2018
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Trig Sponsors Prototyping Center, Hangar6

Trig is proud to be an early supporter and sponsor of the advanced rapid prototyping center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, known as Hangar6.  


The center is an initiative of the First Flight Venture Center, which has a 26-year history of incubating 300+ technology-based startups that have a combined valuation in excess of $7 billion. FFVC was among 35 organizations from 19 states that have been awarded the Economic Development Administration (EDA) Grant. The 35 organizations will receive nearly $15 million to create and expand cluster-focused, proof-of-concept and commercialization programs, and early-stage seed capital funds through EDA’s Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS) program.

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Hangar6 represents a different strategy to shared advanced prototype resources than a previous attempt by Techshop, which declared bankruptcy in 2017, shutting down locations nationwide, including TechshopRDU, which closed in 2013. Where Techshop had been open to the public, Hangar6 requires that members have formed a company, carry appropriate insurance, and maintain training for employees before they can use the equipment. The Hangar6 model is particularly attractive for Trig as a partner because it provides appropriate confidentiality protections on client projects.

”The magic of any organization comes down to the people involved. Yes, Hangar6 has equipment that helps us achieve client project goals, but the team is incredible. Shop Manager, Sam Dirani, is very knowledgeable and meticulous with his craft.  Though he stays busy with the demands of a new venture, he always makes time to educate and advise our team in various prototyping challenges.” - Ty

Hangar6 Prototyping Equipment - Trig Industrial Design - Explore Prototype Build
Patrick Prasad Hangar6 Prototyping - Trig Industrial Design - Explore Prototype Build

To the left is a rare moment of peace and quiet in workspace. On the right is a captured image from an upcoming process video of Trig’s industrial design extraordinaires Patrick Murphy and Prasad Joshi well into the prototype creation process. Innovation is hard work!

For more information visit:
First Flight|Hangar6

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