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May 3, 2011
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New Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt Hits Market

May 3, 2011(Durham, NC) — Trig Innovation, a Research Triangle, NC-based product development and design company with expertise in the home improvement products industry, announces the recent launch of an award-winning client product, the SimpliciKey™ Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt.

The launch of SimpliciKey™, winner of the 2010 designSPARK award for industrial design, marks the firm’s latest achievement in delivering innovative product solutions for home improvement. As an alumnus of Home Depot’s corporate innovation team, Hagler has seven years of experience designing new products for the industry, through his first company, the industrial design firm Studio Hagler, and the recently launched full-suite innovation management consulting firm, Trig Innovation. The electronic door lock system, launched by SimpliciKey, LLC of Herndon, Va., features a remote control key fob similar to automobile remote controls, as well as a keypad and traditional manual key option. Hagler and his team provided a number of services to SimpliciKey, LLC during the product’s development; including concept sketches, renderings, 3D CAD sculpting and mechanical design, user experience mapping, rapid prototyping, user manual design, packaging design, and trade show support.

D’Vell Garrison, Vice President of Marketing at SimpliciKey, LLC, expressed his gratitude to Hagler for the results of the company’s maiden voyage in consumer product development.“We really appreciate the collaborative approach taken by Ty and his team,” stated Garrison. “They provided an impressive range of tools to enhance our team through the many twists and turns of developing a new product and launching a brand. We are so proud that our first consumer product is such a thing of beauty—a lock that is worthy of placement on the doors of fine homes across the country.”

According to Hagler, SimpliciKey™ stands out from its competitors due to the enhanced convenience of the remote control and the sleek design developed with the residential front door in mind. “SimpliciKey™ is entering an increasingly crowded market for electronic locks, but I think homeowners will find that this is the best total value product available,” said Hagler. “The safety, security, and convenience of this product—particularly with the remote control aspect—really appealed to many different customers, from young professionals, to busy families, retirees, and people with assisted living needs, making this product a truly universal design. We spent a lot of time making SimpliciKey™ simple to use, but powerful in its application. This product has the potential to help a lot of people, and we are excited to have been a part of its creation.”

The SimpliciKey™ Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt is available for purchase at www.homedepot.com or at www.SimpliciKey.com.

About Trig Innovation
Trig Innovation is a Research Triangle, NC-based innovation management consulting firm dedicated to delivering a toolkit of strategies and expertise for the development of new products and services for inventors and corporate product and brand teams. With practice areas focusing on the development and branding of products for the home improvement, medical device, and housewares industries, Trig Innovation draws upon a well of leading experts in industrial design, intellectual property law, mechanical engineering, and marketing strategy to bring new client products to market. Led by Principal Ty Hagler, a seasoned product developer from his start in marketing and product development at The Home Depot in 2004, Trig Innovation services clients throughout the United States from its base in Durham, NC.

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