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September 7, 2012
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SimpliciKey: Outstanding industrial design award in home products

We are proud to announce that one of Trig’s signature clients, SimpliciKey®, has recently earned more recognition for outstanding industrial design in home products.

A remote control electronic wireless deadbolt, SimpliciKey is a former winner of the designSPARK Award in industrial design. In 2012, SimpliciKey has earned finalist status in the 2012 RESI Awards, which honors the best industrial designs among products featuring at the CEDIA Expo, a trade show focused on technology innovations for the home.  The awards panel named SimpliciKey as a finalist in the Controller (Keypad) category.

Our goal at SimpliciKey is to make life a bit easier by providing attractive, convenient, safe devices for homeowners,” says Jason Pizzillo, President of SimpliciKey LLC. “We were honored and excited to be nominated for the RESI Award and to be named a finalist in our category. Our collaborative work with Trig has been instrumental in SimpliciKey reaching its full design potential.”

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The team at SimpliciKey collaborated with Trig Innovation on the industrial design for its breakthrough device for home security, a remote control electronic wireless deadbolt system with three different control points: a keyfob (similar to keyfobs consumers already enjoy with automobiles), a keypad, and a traditional key.

Users can program up to eight different keyfobs with one SimpliciKey door lock, with each fob featuring 128-bit AES encryption and a range of up to 50 feet, allowing home entry with the touch of a button. A blue LED light indicates the door has been successfully locked or unlocked.  In late 2012, SimpliciKey will increase the indoor range of the keyfob for even greater convenience to users.

The wireless, alphanumeric SimpliciKey keypad allows users to program up to 16 unique four- to six-digit entry codes, which users may change at their discretion. Backlit, the keypad has one-touch locking action and sliding cover that produces a sleek look without sacrificing safety—providing an aesthetic worthy of home use over more commercially-geared competitors in the remote door lock market.

For those users who still prefer to use a traditional key, SimpliciKey also provides two six-pin metal keys and an ANSI Grade II bump-resistant keyway.

I am so proud that we have had the opportunity to work with Jason and the team at SimpliciKey during the last few years,” stated Ty Hagler, Principal at Trig Innovation. “They are a great group of people who stay true to their mission of developing products that provide safe, convenient products for homeowners. It was a real privilege to collaborate with them on this product, which takes a concept previously limited to the commercial space, improves it dramatically with beautiful form and high function, and opens the world of remote door locks to consumers in North America.”

For more information on SimpliciKey and their award winning products, visit www.SimpliciKey.com.

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