Patrick Murphy Named Senior Industrial Designer at Trig Innovation

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August 20, 2013
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Patrick Murphy promoted to Senior Industrial Designer

Murphy, a graduate of North Carolina State University’s program in industrial design, began his career at Trig as an industrial designer in the spring of 2011.  Since coming on board nearly two-and-a-half years ago, Murphy has been the lead designer on an array of critical client projects in diverse industry sectors ranging from consumer products to medical devices and durable goods equipment.

In addition to his leadership in core disciplines of industrial design, Murphy has initiated Trig’s offerings in animation and defined a new standard of excellence in graphic design for client marketing and advertising projects demanding creativity and versatility.

In addition to his individual qualities, Patrick has earned his standing at Trig through his collaborative abilities, according to Brian Castle, a brand strategist at the company. “Patrick actually sold us a bill of goods walking in the door,” Castle noted. “He portrayed himself as one of these ‘head-down’ types, telling us he just had a single ambition—to be the best industrial designer he could be.  But his time at Trig has proven that he’s so much more.  You can feel the influence of his work and initiative throughout the company, whether it’s the new service areas he’s pioneered or the collaborative projects where he’s left a significant stamp with his unique style.”

According to Principal Ty Hagler, Murphy has become the organization’s pace-setter in design. “When Patrick came to us, he was a raw talent, but you could see that he had everything it took to become great—ability, humility, a willingness to learn, and work ethic—and he had it in spades,” explained Hagler.  “With this promotion, it’s clearly a case of someone who has done the job in order to earn it, versus someone stepping up to a role of greater responsibility.  Patrick has shown the initiative and ability to lead, through improving with each successive client project and consistently delivering the work that leaves this company’s mark in the marketplace.”

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