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Rebranding Last Season’s Look Through Website Design

Founder and CEO Wendy Bryant Gow is an industry leader in personal style consulting. She has built a formidable team of professionals from the fashion and style world to come together in assisting customers with all of their image transformation needs.

Lily Winston First Before Page

Their original website had some nice ideas, but the content felt a little sparse. Some of the text was difficult to read over images. The complete story of Lily Winston’s stellar personal image design services wasn’t being communicated to its maximum potential. Wendy reached out to Trig for a partnership in reimagining the future online presence of Lily Winston.

Lily Winston Before Contact Page
Lily Winston Before Staff Page

A New Image

After some brainstorming sessions and a lot of hard work from Trig’s brand development team, a whole new look has been conceived for the Lily Winston brand. Their team deserves a website that speaks to the expertise and dedication every associate brings to the table every day in the pursuit of sartorial excellence.

Lily Winston New Homepage

A combination of quality imagery and refined fonts speaks to the prestige of being guided by the Lily Winston team. Clients can always expect a high-end experience while shopping or organizing with Wendy, and now the website brings a taste of that high end experience to online viewers.

Wendy Gow Lily Winston Website Update Employee Profile - Trig Industrial Design - Explore Prototype Build
Lily Winston Header Spotlight Website Refresh - Trig Industrial Design - Explore Prototype Build
Wendy Gow Lily Winston Information Page Image - Trig Industrial Design - Explore Prototype Build

The new Lily Winston page is proof that a subtle color palette doesn’t have to be boring. Minimalism pays off big with grey, black, and a touch of minty green. Wendy already had fantastic images of herself and her staff, so the Lily Winston website needed a way to properly frame the images and text to communicate the company’s fashionable sensibilities.

Header images are now darker so that the lovely white text can show through without getting lost in image business. Website visitors can see all the resources available on the pages without confusion. However, though darker, the header images remain photographs instead of solid colors to avoid blockiness. Clients want image refinement, and that is still provided in the header images. As the first thing catching the eyes of potential clients, headers cannot miss the mark.

Fashion is fun, and shopping doesn’t have to be a chore. Wendy and the Lily Winston team take their jobs seriously, but partnering up with them is also seriously enjoyable. A key goal of Trig’s website design in the Lily Winston overhaul was to combine refinement with a sense of uplifting joy. Many people find the idea of revisiting wardrobe choices to be incredibly intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be that way, especially with the right companions.

Clients love Lily Winston’s services. To reflect that love, the website now features a robust offering of testimonials to encourage first time visitors to reach out and try some of the team’s style upgrade magic for themselves. Take a look at these select reviews:

Lily Winston Review 1
Lily Winston Review 2
Lily Winston Review 3
Lily Winston Footer Website Overhaul - Trig Industrial Design - Explore Prototype Build

When the website visitor reaches the bottom of any page, they now have a place for their eyes to comfortably rest. Heavy images and dense text all the time can make the user experience feel chaotic. The colors are back to being very straight forward and clean, the classic grey scale with mint accent mentioned before. Scrolling ends with social media logos, a brief summary, a call to action, and an attractive button to aid follow through.

Samantha Harr

Known as Samma in her friend groups, Samantha Harr was stolen away from the fashion design world by her love of community building, which led to an interest in marketing. Having studied brand creation and advertising practices at SCAD, she had the tools to start pursuing her newfound passion for campaign development. After enjoying many successful years of business leadership in the gaming world, Samantha has joined Trig as a full time Brand Asset Management team member and creates content both internally and for our partners who are keen on taking their outreach to new levels.


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