Industrial Designer Ethan Creasman Joins Trig

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October 13, 2017
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Ethan Creasman, Design and Development Manager

Trig welcomes Ethan Creasman

We are excited to announce that Ethan Creasman has joined Trig as an industrial designer. Ethan brings a wealth of experience to the team from his work in laptop and server design, furniture, home improvement, lighting, and UX app design.

Ethan had started his career as an intern at Trig. Notably, he made excellent contributions to several client projects and designed the logo for Parklife Communications. After his internship at Trig, he had several other internships at Dell and Kohler. After completing his industrial design degree, he earned a full time role at CREE Lighting where he served as an industrial designer for four years.  Ethan is currently listed as an inventor for 9 patents from his time at CREE, including the Cree SmartCast Technology.

Ethan earned his undergraduate degree in Industrial Design in 2012 from Appalachian State University.  During his studies, he won awards for a sea coral-inspired chair titled Contour. The chair is formed by applying Designtex Fusion, a co-polyester resin panel with limitless combinations of colors & textures, to a CNC milling machine where the solid surface is cut into individual pieces which are then heated, bent to specification, & bound together with screws. The unique CNC cutting system also creates a coral-like pattern in the remaining resin skeleton, avoiding wasted scraps & leaving behind a wall ornament that parallels the motif of the chair.

Contour Chair by Ethan Creasman

"Ethan is a great addition to the Trig team." says Ty Hagler, the company principal and founder.  "He does a great job representing our core values.  His designs are thoughtful and pragmatic, yet stays hungry to anticipate client needs.  He is an endlessly curious tinkerer who explores the boundaries of what is possible through building prototypes in a variety of medium.  Above all, he helps the Trig team hold the line on great work and helps us raise the bar on what clients can expect from us.  We are thrilled to have him re-join the Trig team and are excited by his potential to build great things with us."

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