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June 11, 2018
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Ethan Creasman

We sculpt your innovations to be iconic by their very nature

The most important step after having an epiphany about a great product is designing the product in such a way that it's understood by manufacturers while also meeting high expectations for quality, durability, and ease of use. As our true bread and butter, and as a multi-award winning industrial design team, we recognize that your creations represent who you are as a company, and we don't take that responsibility lightly.

We have the combination of experience and expertise to bring out the best qualities of any item you can dream up, so long as it aligns approximately with the scope of known physics (and if it doesn't come to us that way, we can figure that part out for you). Our industrial designers are ready to assist in taking your fantastic new innovation and working to ensure that no flaws are overlooked and no potential for added excellence is passed over. We don't settle for anything less than ecstatic customers.

Starting with a problem statement, we develop concepts from initial sketches to manufacturable CAD, taking into consideration the form, ergonomics, visual brand language, story, environment, and all interaction points between stakeholders along the way.

Trig has a hand in just about every industry imaginable, and we are excited anytime we can rise to meet a new challenge. It's in our DNA. Uncharted territory presents the most opportunity for completely original thinking and a chance to change your field of work in historic, groundbreaking ways.

While our greatest love is biomedical engineering, there is no ambition too small or too great to pique our interest. It is easy to find inspiration in pioneering life-saving technology, but there's a special place in our hearts for start-ups with great ideas and seasoned companies looking to disrupt the marketplace with the next revolutionary product.

As the recently promoted Design & Development manager, I am dedicated to leading our all-star team to new levels of creative work to match the increasing demand for Trig's full line of product development services. Every day we add new skills to our arsenal. Every day we collaborate and learn new strategies for maximizing our ability to deliver the most cutting-edge concepts on the market. Our focus is on going beyond the expected and fully addressing the needs and desired experiences of the consumers, customers and users. In every new project, we don't just design whatever technically passes the check-box parameters, that's just not good enough: we sculpt your innovations to be iconic by their very nature. Learn more about our services in design and development here

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Ethan Creasman
Design & Development Manager

Ethan Creasman began a lifelong passion for innovation and design by spending time with his Dad and Pawpaw building furniture, Rube Goldberg machines, anything and everything they could dream up together. Natural curiosity about the way things work and how he could improve them caused Ethan to realize: When he grew up he was going to be an inventor!


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