How to Import and Export Between Two Squarespace 7 Sites

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January 6, 2014
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Importing and exporting between two Squarespace 7 websites

Officially, Squarespace says you can't migrate content between two Squarespace 7 sites.  We recently discovered that by exporting a Wordpress XML file, then importing the same downloaded XML file back in under advanced settings as a Wordpress import tool, you can fool the system into letting you create a duplicate site copy.

The Trig team first started in website design with Squarespace 5 in 2011.  With the release of Squarespace 7, we've been promoting the platform to not only start-up and small company clients, but mid-sized companies have been able to get a flexible marketing tool as well.  Many small companies have built their site in another content management platform, Wordpress.  The limitation of Wordpress is that the source code is open to the public and hackers have multiple points of entry.  Squarespace, by comparison, has privately managed source code and servers, making it a much more secure platform.

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