Hagler Launches Trig Innovation

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March 2, 2011
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Trig Innovation is born

Emerging from its origins as Studio Hagler, an award-winning design firm known for driving business strategy through design inspiration, a new kind of consulting firm has arrived on the product and service development scene. Trig Innovation is taking the stage with a unique perspective and team with diverse skill sets to partner with companies to drive innovation.

Led by Ty Hagler, a former champion flatwater kayaker, Trig finds its inspiration from two sources.  From outriggers, a class of ocean-faring boats that rely on external supports to keep high-performance vessels upright in turbulent conditions, Trig provides external support services within the domain of innovation management to equip clients with tools to stay competitive. Also with an obvious nod to trigonometry, the firm’s leader uses strategic frameworks to see the market from all angles – from design to engineering, from manufacturing to marketing – for market success.

Trig Innovation is a collective of some of the brightest minds in product development, bringing together top designers, product engineers, marketing specialists, and intellectual property counsel to achieve innovation that is meaningful to consumers. From a practical standpoint, the new firm merges fields of practice from both Studio Hagler and Trig PDQ – Patents Drafted Quickly, a patent drafting service serving the legal community, and will be adding new areas of focus from the broad umbrella of innovation management.

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