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March 22, 2017
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Growing with purpose

Passionate, purposeful, and values-driven—The Small Giants community brings together like-minded individuals, from aspiring new business leaders to seasoned veterans, looking to harness the connection between culture and business success.  Members of Small Giants don’t want to grow just for the sake of growing—they want to grow with purpose, inwardly focusing resources to enhance the lives of all employees, customers, and the broader community in which we live.  The term was coined by the author Bo Burlingham in his book, Small Giants: Companies that Choose to be Great Instead of Big.  The community has been built around the ideas that Bo discovered through writing the book, and have continued to build upon those principles and best practices.

Our association with the Small Giants Community comes in the form of their new initiative, the "Small Giants Virtual Group.” While there are many flavors of CEO peer-advisory groups, this is substantially different given the selfless devotion of each participant to building something bigger than themselves.  This affiliation allows us to have more consistent contact with similarly-oriented individuals in the business community. These entrepreneurs have founded companies with similar principles to ours, allowing for an exchange of ideas and best practices in pursuit of building truly great companies.

According to Ty, the investment in Small Giants makes great sense for Trig: "The Small Giants Virtual Group is one of the best investments I've made as a values-driven business owner. Each session is a chance to be surrounded by like-minded folks from across the country who inspire me and challenge me to be a better leader in my company and community - all without leaving my office."

You can check them out here: Small Giants Community

For information on joining the next Virtual Group, feel free to reach out to them at hello@smallgiants.org

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