eDrawings App for iPad Review with Patrick Murphy

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April 3, 2013
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eDrawings iPad App Review by Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy is the lead industrial designer at Trig Innovation, shaping products in multiple market sectors, including hardware, tools, medical devices, furniture, and products for the home.

In his work at Trig, Patrick utilizes a variety of software platforms to bring new products to life in sketches, renderings, 3D CAD models, and animations.  SolidWorks has long been Trig’s preferred software suite for renderings that move into 3D CAD models, since SolidWorks is predominant in usage among the global engineering community. 

Executing industrial design projects through SolidWorks has multiple benefits for Trig Innovation clients, leading to a more seamless transition from design to engineering upon delivering executable files to engineers in a format they can not only understand, but also work with routinely themselves to take the product to pre-market functionality.

Last summer, Solidworks released one of Patrick’s favorite software modules, eDrawings, as a mobile app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.  In the video above, Patrick showcases the new eDrawings app on his Ipad, showing the software’s considerable capabilities and how those capabilities fit into his work as an industrial designer at Trig.   

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