Connie Tran Promoted to Brand and Marketing Manager

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August 10, 2017
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Connie Tran elevated to Brand and Marketing Manager

Ty Hagler, founder and principal at Trig said, "Connie has been instrumental to Trig's growth, not only with keeping our clients happy, but has led the way on updating our brand, positioning, and online presence.  Connie is a tireless champion of making sure we hold the line on each project and for building a strong company culture."

Connie has pioneered Trig's brand identity process of applying the brand archetype framework to new and existing brands.  The brand archetype process has proven especially effective in crowded markets like beer brewing to find differentiated positioning that will stand out in a crowd.   The new Trig website, branding, and positioning is a direct result of applying the brand archetype process and delivering excellent execution.

Connie has also become an expert in marketing automation, leading the conversion of one of our largest clients from Act On to Marketo and helping the client to realize the full potential of the software.  In particular, the client has saved upwards of 15 hours each week in sorting through leads that come in, assigning them to a sales representative, and then following up with the sales representative to track the outcome of the lead.

The team at Trig would like to congratulate Connie Tran on her promotion.  We look forward to her continued leadership in building a great culture of excellence.

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