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The Next Step in Beer Evolution

BruVue is revolutionary inventory tracking technology for beer taps. Bar management can keep tabs on exactly how much stock is left on a pour by pour basis. No more guesswork, just ease of mind. Installation and setup are elegantly intuitive for users, allowing any bar to up their game. With great technology comes the need for great marketing. BruVue came to Trig to help them get the word out.

Shown above is the standing panel banner for a booth at a convention or anywhere Bruvue is doing a live demo. This type of display is beneficial for easy space configuration as well as effectively broadcasting large attention-grabbing images to audiences in any size room. The more vendors in a hall, the more crucial it is to have props that set a business apart from the crowd.

“People like beer. Bars don’t like wasting it. It’s a win-win idea.”

— Brian Himelright, Trig

BruVue website design

Marketing Case Study BruVue Digital Assets

Digital assets are crucial for organic social sharing. Bruvue’s website is dynamic, adjusting to a very natural layout no matter what device it’s being viewed from. Every design aspect is exciting and high contrast to fit in with the bold settings found in contemporary bars. Exciting doesn’t mean busy, though. Bruvue emphasizes a fun and uncomplicated user experience, which is reflected in the site’s visual components. No walls of text, no cluttered pictures. Every feature serves a purpose. Clarity in perception and messaging are of paramount importance in brand building.

Take a look for yourself here.

Paper Trail


Live networking can happen anytime and anywhere. Having materials handy to distribute in one-on-one engagements leaves a lasting positive impression. With multiple sizes of fliers including varying information detail levels, Bruvue is ready to help interested parties know exactly what they need to know right away. Business cards are a must for trade shows. Refined, eye catching text and graphics will remind buyers why they were impressed with Bruvue long after the initial contact is over.

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