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January 24, 2017
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Drew Brisley promoted to Head of Innovation

While working on dozens of client projects and serving in a lead design role in the development of medical devices, Drew has worked throughout his Trig tenure to develop new skill sets and areas of expertise that benefit both clients and the company itself. A particular area of Drew’s focus is leveraging Trig’s virtual environment to create optimal client experiences, increase collaboration among innovation, design, and marketing colleagues, and drive efficiency the business.

Drew’s performance in 2016 expanded his commitments to clients and the company to leadership roles in customer research, a precursor service to Trig’s award-winning design and comprehensive branding and marketing communications work, as well as new business development.

In the second half of 2016, Drew demonstrated his thought leadership in innovation, pushing the concept of innovation as process rightfully driven by interrogation. In addition, he has advanced the practice of digital ideation in the marketplace, yet another way that companies can achieve greater efficiency—without sacrificing quality—in their innovation methodologies.

In his new role, Drew will continue his work that always seeks to meet the needs of Trig and our clients. He has been a truly empathetic leader, shifting the client service paradigm away from simply “clients first” to a more expansive view that places the needs of Trig’s clients in a greater perspective of their overall innovation journey. Drew will ensure that Trig’s proposals—and subsequent work—will serve clients in a holistic sense while pushing Trig’s quality standards higher with each engagement.

Drew Brisley joined Trig’s team as an industrial designer in March of 2013 after graduating summa cum laude in industrial design from NC State University. He is based in Seattle, Washington.

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