Brisley Joins Trig Innovation Design Team

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March 28, 2013
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Drew Brisley joins Trig

Trig, an innovation management firm based in Durham, North Carolina, announces the addition of Drew Brisley to its industrial design team.

Brisley is a 2012 graduate of North Carolina State University’s industrial design program, graduating with honors (summa cum laude).  During his time at NC State, Brisley earned a reputation for excellence in medical device design, culminating in an ongoing consulting engagement at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the area of device design for heart surgery.

In addition to his medical device consulting work, Brisley has built an impressive portfolio of workin designing exhibit spaces for museums and trade shows, consumer behavior mapping, and creating social platforms for knowledge and skill transfer.  Brisley was as an ambassador for the industrial design program at State, and he also served as a volunteer with Triangle-area middle schools, introducing young students to the career path and options available in the field of industrial design.

In his new role at Trig Innovation, Brisley will work with lead designer Patrick Murphy and principal consultant Ty Hagler on a wide range of industrial design projects in industry sectors such as medical devices, hardware and tools, consumer electronics, and other products for the home.  Brisley and Murphy will provide critical design work in projects involving concept sketches, renderings, 3D CAD modeling, animation, and prototyping for new and improved products.

“Drew Brisley is a great addition to a very talented team we’ve built here at Trig Innovation,” stated Hagler.  “As we continue to grow in 2013, it’s important that we not only expand our team, but also its creative perspective.  Drew’s immense capabilities and intellectual approach to design do just that, and like Patrick Murphy, he’s a true student of design that inspires the rest of the team on a daily basis.”

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