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February 3, 2017
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Brand identity for Cycling Products

Our client's concept was born out of his love for the sport of cycling.

In all of his endeavors, our client has a sincere desire to see his fellow riders achieve greater comfort in their daily quests to ride farther and faster.

Trig was tasked with developing an identity for this start-up cycling company that captured the essence of cycling with both an experiential and technological focus.

  • Market Research
  • Trend Analysis
  • Customer Research
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Strategy and Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Collateral Development
  • Digital Collateral Development
  • Website Design
Brand Identity Animation ALTR ERGO

Capturing our client's expression and visualization of his brand was the driving force behind our design process.

Following market research, trend analysis of current cycling visuals and language, the review of prominent cycling blogs, and life-style research, we developed seven viable brand identity directions to hone with the client.

The final logo is inspired by a blend of creativity and innovation founded on technological advancements in the cycling industry that aim to capture a cyclist's state-of-mind during a great ride. Bold, experiential, cutting-edge technology that challenges the status quo.

Print collateral

After the finalization of the logo, we moved to create print and digital collateral, offering strong options for each deliverable to ensure that the client's vision was captured.

Brand equity is strongest when everything that has to do with the brand is in sync with one another. Business cards and stationery were designed to ensure that our client's brand story makes a lasting first impression right from the get-go.

ALTR ERGO sanctuary saddle print collateral
ALTR ERGO website design custom website


We established online presence for our client through website design and by creating and managing social media accounts and taking complete advantage of SEO.

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