Gino Wickman

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business

Traction by Gino Wickman

The author provocatively asks: do you have a grip on your business or does your business currently have a grip on you?  Said another way, does it feel like the wheels are about to fall off of your business, or is it a well-oiled machine that is humming along smoothly?  This is a book that was recommended to us no less than three times by three separate clients before we finally took it seriously an implemented Traction at Trig.

All entrepreneurs and business leaders eventually face the similar frustrations—personnel clashes, profit concerns, and growth that does not adequately meet your desires. Decisions rarely appear to get made, and once made, then tend to fail in the processes of proper implementation. However, there is a solution and it’s really not all that complex or speculative. The Entrepreneurial Operating System® will give you an applicable technique in order to help you achieve the success that you have always planned to be associated with your business. There are currently more than 2,000 companies that have discovered the great capabilities of EOS.

In Traction, you’ll come to understand the mysteries behind solidifying the six main mechanisms that make up a successful business. You’ll uncover modest yet impactful methods to plot a course that will allow your company and your leadership team the ability to have greater focus, more progress, and more pleasure in producing the results that you desire.

Traction has been influential enough at Trig that we ordered it in bulk to gift to clients and those who refer clients to us because it’s such a valuable resource. Having experienced organizational behavior in larger companies, the genius of this book is that it simplifies the basics of large-scale organizations and makes them accessible to the small-scale needs and challenges of start-ups and small businesses. It does this by walking readers through a series of prescriptive, processes, habits, and routines that are essential to any organization. As an example, the team at Trig has adopted the concept of "Rocks" to focus our creative energy on quarterly priorities that will make an impact to our 10-year vision.  As an innovation firm, we are constantly coming up with new ideas for initiatives to start, new services to offer, or markets to chase after. The rule is that once Rocks are decided at a quarterly meeting, new Rocks cannot be added until the next quarterly meeting.  Rocks force us to put the ideas on hold, finish what we start, then decide the best strategies to take our business forward as a team.

Trig started self-implementing Traction’s techniques in September of 2016 and by December of that year had achieved a 75% implementation score through the Organizational Checkup tool. We cannot recommend this book highly enough to any startup or small business owner.