Geoffrey A. Moore

Crossing the Chasm: Breaking into the Mainstream Market

Marketing and Selling Disruptive Products to Mainstream Customers

Remember a couple of months ago when all social media platforms were flooded with IKEA-branded trousers, hoodies and sneakers? The average person will not. This fad, which was started by Balenciaga’s imitation of the original IKEA shopping bag, never actually caught on. Whether or not this was a good turn of events is up for debate (but that’s a different story). If you know a thing or two about the streetwear scene, you would know the IKEA trend remained in the underground subculture of the anti-fashion movement and failed to be adopted by mainstream culture.

Much like many fashion trends that remain under the radar and never make it into the closets of the vast majority, innovative products require strategic placement within a niche group in order to succeed and break through. This leap is described as “crossing the chasm” between innovators (who are open to new trends) and the general public (who are skeptical about new trends).

How do you tap into the mainstream market in order to sell your product? And how do you to prevent your product from losing its hype before catching the attention of the masses? Geoffrey A. Moore’s Crossing the Chasm reveals the steps necessary to make your product surpass the “fad” phase. It is an essential read if you want to learn how to strategically place your product in a niche market, and become the next big thing. It teaches you to think from your customer’s perspective: what they want and what their values are. Illustrated by present-day success stories such as Uber and Apple’s Ipad, Moore’s blueprint has provided a framework for companies and start-ups to vault over the abyss of unpopularity.

Crossing the chasm - innovation distribution curve