Tim Brown

Change By Design

Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation

There’s this perplexing idea floating around that top industrial design firms have employed the right people to “just know” what to do next. The reality proposed by Brown is that most revolutions come out of a process of intense consideration by which compelling ideas can be recognized and then grown before being understood as original contributions with the potential of having groundbreaking abilities.

Change by Design presents the concept of design thinking as a cooperative method through which the designer′s sensibilities and techniques are used to deliver on people′s needs. This is not only accomplished by creating products that are technologically possible and possess a viable business strategy, because in short‚ design thinking aims to translate need into demand, but rather Design Thinking  is a human−centered approach to answering questions that afford individuals and companies the ability to be more innovative and imaginative.

Design Thinking is not just appropriate for the traditional creative industries or those who currently work in the design field. It′s a system that has been put into action by companies such as Kaiser Permanente and Kraft. Kaiser Permanente used Design Thinking to improve the standard of patient care that they offered by rethinking the techniques that their nurses used to manage shift changes. Kraft implemented the system to reorganize their supply chain management. This is more than a piece of literature meant for designers that is written by other designers. Change by Design is a book for imaginative trailblazers looking for ways to impart the wisdom of Design Thinking into all levels of an organization‚ service‚ or product to bring about new solutions for commercial and societal needs.