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Who this is for:

We are accepting applications for product innovators who want to make an impact. Most innovation efforts chase opportunities that are too small to justify the expense of product development. The design thinking mindset, tools, and methods taught in this program are best suited for market opportunities with potential for $200 million or more in annual revenues. We encourage entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike to think in terms of category innovation, not just innovation for a single product.

What you will learn:

This multi-day virtual workshop provides product and marketing managers with the creative mindset, tools, and techniques to manage risk and uncertainty through Design Thinking. Intended to hone and perfect a set of skills that will allow participants to become better at finding novel solutions based in the unmet needs of the stakeholders. Attendees should be excused from all work duties for the workshop periods. There will be a collaborative learning project that attendee teams will present a Pitch Concept at the end of the workshop.


Product innovation teams of 2-5 people from the same organization will be able to advance their projects through an active learning process. The first week will include a common project that all teams can participate in and share non-confidential ideas. The following weeks will be focused on team-specific projects that are protected under non-disclosure agreements. All intellectual property generated during the workshop will be assigned to the product innovation teams. At the end of the workshop, teams will present their confidential Build plan to their advisor(s) for the next phase of reducing risk in their project.


April 28, 2021 Begin accepting applications for the 1st Cohort

May 12, 2021 Applications close for the 1st Cohort

May 19, 2021 Participants are notified that they have been awarded spots in the 1st Cohort

May 26, 2021 Participants confirm acceptance of spots in 1st Cohort

May 28, 2021 All confidentiality agreements completed

What the students will learn

  • Hedgehog vs. Blue Sky Innovation Teams
  • Innovation methodology overview as context for design thinking
  • The Trig process: Explore, Prototype, Build
  • Canvas tools: Levels of Alignment, Business Model Canvas
  • Shaping: conceptual and physical prototype methods
  • Building: using time as a constraint for build cycles

Workshop Dates

June 2 2021    10:30-12pm, advisory sessions in the afternoon

June 9 2021    10:30-12pm, advisory sessions in the afternoon

June 16 2021  10:30-12pm, advisory sessions in the afternoon

June 23 2021  10:30-12pm, advisory sessions in the afternoon


  1. Apply for the Cohort (Form Below)
  2. Review and sign the confidentiality agreement
  3. Submit a detailed project description 2 weeks in advance of the cohort start date.

Cost: $1,000 per product innovation team for 4-week session (2-5 person team). Trig is providing this workshop series as an in-kind sponsorship for Hangar6 and the workshop fee will be donated to Hangar6. Delivery of this workshop represents a $3,000 value.

Language: English

Note: This is a virtual workshop conducted via Zoom. Attendees will need to provide a computer, webcam, microphone, and internet connection to participate. No food is provided during the virtual workshop.

Cancel Policy: 30 days prior to start

Keywords: Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, conceptual prototypes, physical prototypes, build cycles

Partnership between Trig and Hangar6

Hangar6 is a program of First Flight Venture Center, a Research Triangle Park based non- profit incubator for science-focused, early-stage companies. First Flight received funding from the Economic Development Authority (EDA), $2.6 million in 2020, to expand the advanced prototyping equipment and assistance to entrepreneurs, corporations and inventors in their prototyping and product development pursuits.

Hangar6 enables the designing and building of prototypes using tools such as 3D printers, C02 laser cutter, metal fiber laser, automated CNC mill, metal bending equipment, a woodshop and welding shop. Startups, entrepreneurs, corporations, design/engineering firms and other prototypers join Hangar6 through a monthly/annual/team membership model. In-person tours are available to book through the Hangar6 website.

As part of this grant, Hangar6 received support from premier service providers and experts to offer outstanding education, and training opportunities. Hangar6 is honored and pleased to partner with Trig, a leading full-service industrial design firm serving the consumer, medical device, and durable goods markets to offer the Design Thinking for Product Innovators workshop.

Application questions

All information submitted through this form will be kept strictly confidential.