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The ZEISS C-UVPROTECT tablet is a powerful, handheld, point-of-sale device that allows users to see the level of UV protection that various optical lenses provide. This clinical visualization tool allows customers to effectively compare the UV blocking capabilities of competing lenses as they view them, in real-time, on the tablet screen in order to make more informed purchasing decisions.


Showing the unseen

While most consumers are well aware of the threat UV exposure poses to skin, they are less aware of the potential damage UV exposure can have on eyesight. Industry leader, ZEISS, seeks to address this risk with their UV protective lenses and have developed crystal-clear lenses that actually provide sunglass-level UV protection. ZEISS approached Trig with the need to not only be able to communicate to their customers how a crystal-clear optical lense protects them from the sun but ZEISS also hoped to be able to visually show their customers the UV-blocking capabilities of their lenses.To meet this unique challenge, Trig reached out to long-time client Voxelight whose proprietary imaging technology can show in real-time where UV light is being blocked, and where it's not. This technology would provide the visual validation ZEISS sought to bring their customers. With the Voxelight technology in place, Trig's challenge for this project was then to encapsulate an all-in-one system of a tablet, camera, UV lights, and supporting electronics inside a compact and elegant envelope. It was also necessary to include excellent thermal performance and intuitive controls, all while embodying the sophisticated visual brand language of ZEISS’ celebrated product lineage. No sweat, right?


Closing in on design

This project was unique in its pace. To meet the deadline for showing a fully-functional prototype at CES 2019, the team concepted, modeled, and facilitated the initial production of the C-UVPROTECT within 5 weeks—a blistering pace for any electronic device. After a lightning round of concept sketches to define the target aesthetic that paired with ZEISS’s strongly established visual brand language, our design team jumped directly into CAD to begin crafting the tablet from the inside out. The internal architecture evolved constantly as the electronics spec was refined, so on-the-fly adaptations to the interior were done concurrently with sculpting the enclosure's pleasing exterior. After perfecting the form, reducing every millimeter of dead space inside, and optimizing the design for injection mold tooling, Trig facilitated the tablet's manufacture by communicating with overseas vendors to ensure no details were lost in the final product.

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The inside secrets

The C-UVPROTECT utilizes an off-the-shelf tablet with custom UI for the primary computing duties of the device. This "tablet within a tablet" approach kept costs and development speed minimal while still providing a rich user experience. By thoughtfully placing the peripheral components and routing the PCB profiles around the tablet, we were able to sculpt an enclosure for the entire system that remains thin enough to not be cumbersome or look antiquated. Visual tricks like tapering the edges of the form were employed to enhance the aesthetic, while gracefully scalloped sides and tactile ridges provide visual and tactile cues for user interaction. Lastly, a generous array of venting was added to the back of the unit to achieve fully passive thermal management.

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UV understanding improves eye health

Trig successfully guided ZEISS in creating a product that allows consumers to visualize and verify the UV blocking effectiveness of their current lenses and supports them in confidently purchasing products that will provide the protection they need. With nearly 75% of adults requiring some sort of vision correction, the implementation of the ZEISS tablet during the lens buying experience has the potential to impact a large portion of the population and encourages the selection of quality products that will foster proper eyecare.

The ZEISS tablet also creates new accountability at the eyewear retail setting and encourages greater effectiveness of all products in the industry through its ability to verify the claims being made— hopefully compelling an entire industry to raise the bar in UV protective lens protection.

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