Contract Industrial Designer

Our ideal candidate has the following skills and abilities:

Education & Experience

  • BA/BS in Industrial Design or equivalent experience
  • Have at least 3+ years of experience in the capacity of a industrial designer producing work of the highest quality
  • Proficient with SolidWorks and Adobe Illustrator, experience with KeyShot preferred

Customer Research

  • Lead the definition of new product offerings through empathy-centered research techniques
  • Able to interpret and apply quantitative research data to create new product offerings
  • Knowledge of design methods and ability to adapt techniques to specific client circumstances

Visual Communication

  • Have a strong capacity for concept visualization and creative solutions
  • Demonstrable sketching abilities - both spontaneous and refined


  • Demonstrate a mastery of technical skills
  • Able to move fluidly from sketching to quick massing models to prototype-ready CAD
  • Understanding of mechanical design concepts and drawing communication requirements
  • Develop 3D surface models of high complexity and sophistication that retain design intent and feasibility

Materials & Processes

  • Have a strong understanding of materials and processes - balancing form and function for pragmatic design solutions
  • Understanding of basic requirements for a design-for-manufactured part
  • Innovate within known high and low volume manufacturing techniques
  • Able to specify materials, construction, mechanisms, color, and surface


  • No fear of learning new programs/apps in service of client’s needs
  • Have a strong capacity for concept visualization and creative solutions
  • Follow through on specific project expectations, commit to completion
  • Manage multiple tasks and deadlines
  • Possess good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work within assigned budgets
  • Function well in a collaborative team environment
  • Strong ability to self critique
  • Adept at being able to discern when to move forward with design refinement
  • Embrace the fail fast, fail often mentality
  • Possess empathy across full product development cycle

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