Contract Industrial Designer

Our Process: Explore, Prototype, and Build

Most people can’t get their heads around how a concept becomes a product in the marketplace. It’s a difficult road to success that necessitates processes that continuously improve product development over time. We are Design Thinkers with an innate ability to manage risk through multiple small experiments. We are explorers of new technologies and techniques, constantly testing the effectiveness of our discoveries through creative use of prototypes, then building out methodologies to consistently extract value from validated prototypes.

Our ideal candidate has the following skills and abilities:

Education & Experience

  • BA/BS in Industrial Design or equivalent experience
  • Have at least 3+ years of experience in the capacity of a industrial designer producing work of the highest quality
  • Proficient with SolidWorks and Adobe Illustrator, experience with KeyShot preferred

Customer Research

  • Lead the definition of new product offerings through empathy-centered research techniques
  • Able to interpret and apply quantitative research data to create new product offerings
  • Knowledge of design methods and ability to adapt techniques to specific client circumstances

Visual Communication

  • Have a strong capacity for concept visualization and creative solutions
  • Demonstrable sketching abilities - both spontaneous and refined


  • Demonstrate a mastery of technical skills
  • Able to move fluidly from sketching to quick massing models to prototype-ready CAD
  • Understanding of mechanical design concepts and drawing communication requirements
  • Develop 3D surface models of high complexity and sophistication that retain design intent and feasibility

Materials & Processes

  • Have a strong understanding of materials and processes - balancing form and function for pragmatic design solutions
  • Understanding of basic requirements for a design-for-manufactured part
  • Innovate within known high and low volume manufacturing techniques
  • Able to specify materials, construction, mechanisms, color, and surface


  • No fear of learning new programs/apps in service of client’s needs
  • Have a strong capacity for concept visualization and creative solutions
  • Follow through on specific project expectations, commit to completion
  • Manage multiple tasks and deadlines
  • Possess good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work within assigned budgets
  • Function well in a collaborative team environment
  • Strong ability to self critique
  • Adept at being able to discern when to move forward with design refinement
  • Embrace the fail fast, fail often mentality
  • Possess empathy across full product development cycle

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