Trig’s Brisley Heads to Wales for Do Lecture Series

April 23, 2013
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Drew Brisley attends Do Lecture Series in Wales

Trig Innovation industrial designer Drew Brisley has earned selection to attend the latest installment of the Do Lecture series.

An emerging ideas gathering based in Wales, the Do Lectures focus on launching big ideas to change the world.  While other conferences, such as TED talks, focus on inspirational ideas in technology, entertainment, and design, the Do Lectures target those who actually want to implement ideas, whether for new businesses, inventions, causes, or arts. Attendees across the globe must apply for consideration, and upon acceptance, enjoy three days on the Welsh countryside completely unplugged, pursuing an idea or set of ideas with the other conference participants.

Speakers and workshop leaders will include CEOs, inventors, artists, physicians, activists, designers, marketers, venture capitalists, social entrepreneurs, and web developers, creating a diverse array of global professionals who will share ideas.

Trig’s Brisley will be attending the April 23-25 Do Start-up conference in Fforest, Wales. At the Do Start-up event, participants will attend talks and workshops led by 20 entrepreneurs from around the world. Start-up topics include venture capital, intellectual property protection, branding, selling, scaling the business, hiring the right people, and much more. At the conclusion of the event, the conference participants will actually launch a new business based upon an idea generated at the conference, thus living out the group’s mission to actually learn by doing.

“I’m really excited to be attending the Do Start-up conference in Wales,” stated Brisley.  “This is a rare opportunity for me to be around so many leaders from around the world, discussing ideas that help to shape ideas into game-changing businesses. As an industrial designer, I’ve chosen a profession that specifically seeks to improve the human condition, and that’s what the Do Lectures are all about. I know that I’ll come back with a raft of ideas that influence my design work for clients moving forward, as well as changing my perspective on how ideas are shaped for wider acceptance.”

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